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Attention Youth Football Coaches: Here all of the tools you need to build a better youth football team, including various offensive sets (T & Pistol Formations, Shotgun Jet/Fly), defensive development, and game film evaluation.

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Be the best team in the Youth Football League.  Don’t install a complicated offense your players can’t execute

Execution is the key in Youth Football

You might think you are fooling your opponent but in reality you are fooling your own team. Many youth coaches install offenses that are too complicated for the youth level. These offenses might look great on paper but they are a train wreck at the youth level. Don’t select a collection of plays for your offense, you need a complete offensive system. The T formation is the precursor to most modern formations but remains a great offense for youth football. The Tee Formation Youth Football Playbook is a complete offensive system designed for youth football.

T Formation

Implementing the Pistol Formation at the Youth Football Level

You’ve probably seen the Pistol Formation on TV and wanted to run it at the youth level. The Pistol Formation incorporates many elements of the I, Single Wing, Wing T, and T formations so if you are familiar with those offenses it’s easy to install. The majority of the plays do not use the Zone Read so can still install the offense without mastering the zone read techniques. The playbook uses a simple Gap blocking system so you do not have to use a Zone Blocking scheme which is difficult to install at the youth level. Use the playbook as a complete offense or as a package with your existing offense.

T Formation

Tired of defenses stacking the box…

Spread the field horizontally,
Make the defense defend sideline to sideline

Do you run an offense where the defense stacks the box with 9, 10, or even 11 players? Do want an offense that spreads the field and creates running lanes for your backs? Most Spread Offenses are designed for the passing game but the average completion percentage at the youth level is only 25%. The Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense is a run oriented spread offense that uses Jet/Fly Motion to spread the field horizontally. Youth players do not tackle well in space. Open up running lanes and get your best athletes in space where they can make plays.

Jet/Fly Formation

Developing a Solid Offensive Line

Youth Football

The offensive line is the most neglected and poorly coached position in youth football. Most coaches focus on their stud running back or quarterback and overlook the importance of the offensive line. There is no offense that does not require blocking and your “perfect” offense will not work without it. Since offensive line play is poorly taught and coached at the youth level, it is a great area to gain an advantage on your opponents.

Principles of a Sound Defense


Developing a sound defense is a key element for youth football success. Youth football defense is not about scheme, it is understanding and teaching the basic principles of defense. There are three basic principles that apply to any youth defense (6-2, 5-3, 4-4, or any other variation) and they are the building blocks of a great defense.

Evaluating Game Film


Game film can be a very useful tool for coaching youth football. It can be used to evaluate your team, scout an opponent, and it can be a great teaching tool. If you do not use film properly, you can spend a lot of time evaluating the film and get very little results. Make sure you are using game film for the maximum effectiveness without spending a ton of time doing it.

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