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“This Will Develop Any Ball Player into a Top Prospect if They Are Willing to Fully Commit!” By Coach Brent, Creator of THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM When I created THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM, I knew it would produce million dollar results in 16 weeks, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was brave enough to try it. Turns out…there are a lot of hard working baseball players out there who want to be the best. Hard working enough to actually enjoy building themselves into the Bigger, Stronger and Faster ball player without the use of steroids. To like the feeling of training like an Olympian…of converting this Olympic Power into ball speed and sprint speed with 100’s of reps in drills that would make any man want to give up. Is THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM CHALLENGING? Oh, yeah. It really IS the most challenging and effective throwing velocity and sprint speed training program ever put online. It’s totally badass…and it’s going to get you million dollar results. I GUARANTEE IT!

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Josh Favaloro

“THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM trained me to increase my throwing velocity from the outfield. It also helped me gained a ton of bat power. I broke the home run record at my high school that season.”

Josh Favaloro

Mitchell Sewald

“Coach Brent and THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM helped me go from barely playing high school baseball to signing with a top level D1 University!”

Mitchell Sewald

Kevin Schultz

“THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM turns hard work into results. This is by far the best performance enhancement program for baseball, PERIOD!”

Kevin Schultz






“Why This Is The Most Effective Program

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2X Velocity Program VS General Baseball Training ProgramForget everything you think you know about baseball specific throwing, sprint or strength training. Because THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM turns old-school conventional baseball training on its head. If you’ve ever been in a general baseball training program you know what it feels like to spend all that time and see no results at all. Or if you have seen results it is minimal at best. This is usually when you start searching on Google; “Does steroids increase throwing velocity” or “Does HGH improve sprint speed.” With THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM, you will see steroids as a risk that should never need to be taken in any career. You will have a strength and conditioning program that has been proven to enhance fast twitch muscle fiber, maximize power output and dynamic athletic performance. It has also been proven to be more effective in doing this over any other program you can find. You work flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. It’s called Max Interval Training, because it keeps your body working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. You keep pushing your limits – so your body has to adapt. That’s how you get in such insane shape in just 60 days.

“Think You Need Steroids to Become a Top Prospect?

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With THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM, you have a systematic approach to legally increase throwing velocity for position players, improving pop times for catchers and improving the 60 yard sprint. Just check out this video to learn more about the program. No other program online is this comprehensive, systematic and uses the latest science.